Metal Solutions Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Metal Solutions manufacturing capabilities coupled with our journeymen machinists, skilled fabricators and certified welders enable us to produce a wide range of complex machined and fabricated components.


We produce both large and small production runs with lot sizes ranging from 1 to 2,500 pieces. At Metal Solutions we work with a variety of materials including but not limited to: alloy, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel and plastics.


Metal Solutions is able to finish your project beyond our current capabilities. We have formed strong relationships with reputable area vendors that provide services such as: E-coating, powder coating, plating, painting, anodizing, heat treating, and centerless grinding.

CNC Machining
Metal Solutions Fabrication

CNC Machining

At Metal Solutions we operate CNC machining and turning centers with a variety of work envelopes. Our lathes are equipped with bar feeding capabilities and our mills can operate with a 4th axis. We use the latest version of Mastercam programming software to ensure parts are manufactured using the most efficient toolpaths. Our skilled journeyman machinists bring over a 100 years of combined machining experience and are providing a wealth of knowledge to our apprentices. Please see below for a list of our CNC machines:

CNC Milling Centers

  • Doosan 5700 Machining Center (X=40”, Y=20”, Z=25”)

  • Haas VF- 2 Machining Center (X=30”, Y=16”, Z=20”)

  • Haas VF- 3 Machining Center (X=40”, Y=20”, Z=25”)

  • Hass VF – 4 Machining Center (X=50”, Y=20”, Z=25”)

  • Haas 5C, 4th Axis Rotary Indexer

  • Haas 210, 4th Axis Rotary Indexer

CNC Turning Centers

  • Haas ST-30SSY Lathe (16” x 23”) with 3” bar capacity and live tool milling capabilities

  • Haas SL-20 Lathe (10” x 20”) with Haas automatic bar feeder up to 2” capacity

  • Haas SL-30 Big Bore Lathe (17” x 30”) with 4” bar capacity and 15” Chuck


 Metal Solutions offers a turnkey fabrication solution. We operate a 5-axis waterjet, 88 ton CNC press brake, and offer assembly and kitting services. We employ AWS certified welders that are experienced in mig, tig, spot, and resistance welding. At Metal Solutions we use the latest version of Solidworks to quote and manufacture parts. Additionally, we have strong relationships with vendors who provide E-coat and powder coat services that put the finishing touches on a project. Below is a list of our fabrication equipment.


  • Amada 88 ton 8ft CNC Press Brake

  • Giant Finishing Tumbling Machine

  • Pemserter ®

  • Techni 5-Axis Waterjet

  • Welding

    • AWS certified welders

    • CD Stud welding up to 5/16" stud

    • MIG/TIG Welding Stations

    • Resistance welding up to KVA 100

Metal Solutions Waterjet Cutting

Shop Support Equipment

Conventional Milling Machines

  • Bridgeport Series II Milling Machine (X=36”; Y=12”)

  • Sharp Milling Machine (X=24”; Y=8”)

Conventional Lathes

  • American Pacemaker Lathe (16” x 54” capacity)

  • Sharp Lathe (15” x 32” capacity)

Additional Shop Support Equipment

  • Sunnen Hone

  • Acer Automatic Surface Grinder (8″ x 18″)

  • Surface Grinder (6” x 18”)

  • Cabinet Style Sandblaster

  • Saws

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting uses a stream of high-pressure water mixed with abrasives to cut virtually any material. Waterjet cutting allows for the result of net shape or near- net-shape parts. One of the biggest advantages of waterjet cutting is its inherent cold cutting quality. Materials cut using this process undergo no thermal stress, meaning no hardening or additional warping of the material being cut.


Metal Solutions is equipped with a 5-axis Techni waterjet, capable of cutting up to 4″ thick by 6′ x 12′. With a 5-axis cutting head, we are capable of providing a 60-degree bevel, producing parts with a true angle up to +/-60 degrees with continuous rotation.