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Metal Solutions, Inc.




The preferred manufacturing partner. 

CNC Machining and Fabrication

Metal Solutions is a premier CNC machine and fabrication job shop providing cost effective, custom components to the various industries that keep our world moving. As a DBE and WBE certified firm, the major industries Metal Solutions serves are: architectural, energy, glass container, material handling, medical, mining, and transportation.

Metal Solutions INC

Our Capabilities

Metal Solutions Inc

CNC Machining

Metal Solutions’ journeymen machinists produce complex parts on CNC controlled vertical mills and CNC lathes with live mill tooling and bar feed capabilities.


Metal Solutions is a full-service fabricator with cutting, bending and welding capabilities.

Metal Solutions Waterjet Cutting

Shop Support Equipment

Metal Solutions has various shop support equipment to offer a turn-key manufacturing solution.

Waterjet Cutting

Metal Solutions is equipped with a 5-aixs Techni Waterjet capable of cutting up to 4” thick with a travel of 6’ x 12’.

Metal Solutions Quality

Quality You Can Trust

Quantum S Faro Arm

Lean Manufacturing

Industries We Serve

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ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

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